The Most Intelligent Telecom Routing
and Management System

The Switch

Metroswitch_Switch_2018 (1)

MetroSwitch is a 1 rack unit (1 U.) server. Each MetroSwitch:

  • Comes pre-loaded with the ability to handle 1,000 simultaneous calls, with the addition of a high capacity card can handle up to 20,000 simultaneous calls.
  • Intelligently routes inbound and outbound traffic based on quality, availability and cost.
  • Has the capacity to connect up to 100 endpoints.
  • Is NEBS, CPNI and ETSI compliant as well as UL licensed.
  • Provides comprehensive centralized reporting on numerous performance metrics including, quality, availability, performance and cost.
  • If needed, can be equipped with a TDM to SIP converter if your network is not IP enabled.
  • Is fully redundant, containing dual hard drives, dual CPU’s and dual power supplies.