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Reliable Network Communications

MetroSwitch’s proprietary technology forever changes the way enterprises operate and manage their communications. Fortune 500s and enterprises alike are discovering the undeniable value and benefits of reliable network communications. MetroSwitch significantly increases reliability, strengthens security, and enhances end-to-end centralized reporting while dramatically reducing costs. With technology that works across the globe, MetroSwitch delivers unprecedented value and empowerment.

Metroswitch Mission
Metroswitch Mission

Our Focus

MetroSwitch is dedicated to the empowerment of those we serve with our patented, next generation technology. We engineer solutions for the most discerning enterprises who require exceptional reliability, redundancy, security and control.

Word is Spreading

We can talk all day about our industry transforming technology and legendary customer service, but we find it more meaningful to let our customers speak for us. It is their experiences that provide dynamic examples of the extraordinary benefits of a MetroSwitch enhanced environment.

“We have experienced the highest call quality, redundancy and cost savings of greater than 30%, all with one simple bill from MetroSwitch.”

- System Engineer,
Calyx Software

“Raytheon BBN Technologies would recommend MetroSwitch for other companies' telecom infrastructure needs for reliability and cost containment.”

- VP, Raytheon

“The MetroSwitch software is amazing; easy to route and easy to use.”

- Network Engineer,
Fortune 500 Company

“The disaster recovery aspect, and ability to reroute traffic to avert outages is the most valuable aspect I like about MetroSwitch. The Finance group places high value on the cost savings of MetroSwitch…”

- Technical Analyst,
Fortune 500 Company

“I can’t believe how fast and easy the MetroSwitch system installed and implemented (on the first day) … and it worked! …”

- Telecommunication
Analyst, Fortune 500

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