Cost Reduction with Substantial Benefits

While they don't typically go together, with MetroSwitch major cost reductions come with substantial improvements to quality, reliability, disaster avoidance, fraud protection and reporting.

Disaster Avoidance

Network outages are detected, rerouted and reported, substantially increasing uptime, availability and reliability.

Real Time Network Access

View performance, cost and utilization via centralized real-time, customizable reports covering finance, quality metrics, network availability and more.

Cost Reduction

Intelligent routing of all calls to take advantage of the lowest cost, highest quality route, MetroSwitch creates reductions of 25% or more.


Detects fraud and breaches of your network in real-time and deploys automated alerts to fix the problem.

Multi-Carrier Access

The MetroSwitch Gateway provides users real-time connections to multiple carriers delivering seamless access to the benefits of MetroSwitch's multi-carrier intelligence.

Network Monitoring

MetroSwitch's network operations center monitors our client's telecom performance 24/7/365