World-class communications solutions for large organizations and enterprises.

The next generation of network communications.

MetroSwitch offers custom tailored solutions so your communications network can perform at its maximum potential. Our mission to improve your network begins with the MetroSwitch accompanied by a powerful suite of supportive productivity solutions, providing unparalleled reliability, protection and empowerment. Our non-intrusive technology transforms the quality and dependability of your communications so you can focus on running your business.

Disaster Prevention
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Disaster avoidance, a step above prevention

At MetroSwitch, we understand that reliable service is a critical component of your business. When disaster strikes, communications are impaired, business halts and potential revenue is lost during every minute of downtime.

Outages are an inevitable and unfortunate fact of life, but that does not mean your business has to suffer. With MetroSwitch’s multi-layer redundancy, unnecessary downtime becomes a thing of the past. MetroSwitch protects the integrity of your network allowing your business to maintain communications when disaster strikes.

Multi-connection access - it just makes sense

With something as important as your communications, it does not make sense to rely on a single source. All providers experience outages and quality issues. If you only have one provider, you suffer when they suffer. The concept behind MetroSwitch is quite simple: do not put all your eggs in one basket by relying on a single source. Instead, unlock multiple carriers and take advantage of the most direct, highest quality and lowest cost connections.

Cost reduction - added value

Receive a wealth of benefits including substantial savings on your monthly spend. With MetroSwitch, you will immediately experience the advantages of a multi-connection environment with savings of 20% or more without sacrificing quality. MetroSwitch connects every call through the highest quality, most reliable Tier-1 carriers. Instantly find out how much you will save with the MetroSwitch online calculator.

See how much you can save!

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Real-time network access - key analytics at your fingertips

Our carrier grade analytics engine tracks your call related data. All information can be customized and pushed into the format of your choice providing real-time reports in the dashboard format that works best for your organization.

Now you can confirm rates, benchmark carrier performance and react to potential network outages. For the first time, actionable data is made available to you, real-time, without having to contact your provider!

Phone Systems Control Room
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Network monitoring - we have your back

At MetroSwitch’s network operations center we monitor network performance all day, every day. While MetroSwitch provides tools to monitor every aspect of your telecom network, you can relax, knowing that MetroSwitch engineers are watching too, detecting potential issues and making corrections to prevent interruptions to your service.

We are constantly analyzing every detail including: quality, availability, PDD, ASR, ALOC, cost in addition to numerous additional metrics. With MetroSwitch network monitoring you can take comfort in knowing that trained engineers are constantly watching over your network.

Security - superior protection

If you don’t have MetroSwitch, your telecom network is not nearly as secure as it should be. Every day networks are compromised costing companies significant monetary losses in both time and revenue. MetroSwitch significantly enhances telecom security with patented technology that detects fraud and breach attempts, issues security alerts, and protects your network from malicious use. In addition, through the MetroSwitch user interface, customized thresholds and parameters can be set to ensure traffic is sent only when and where you want it to go.

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