A Turn-Key Addition to Your Existing Network

The products you need, the quality you demand.

MetroSwitch forever changes the way organizations view and experience communications with a suite of world-class options to unify all resources into one simple, yet powerful, platform. From complete internal configurations to virtual offerings, MetroSwitch delivers superior grade solutions backed by 5-star customer support.

Enterprise Telecom

MetroSwitch℠ - Enterprise

Designed with the most discerning customer in mind, MetroSwitch creates a solution unlike any other. MetroSwitch Enterprise caters to large organizations who demand the best of the best. A superior offering providing unparalleled protection, security, reliability and empowerment.

The next evolution of network communications is here. The benefits of a MetroSwitch-enabled infrastructure extend far beyond disaster avoidance, security and savings. MetroSwitch offers empowerment, putting you in control of your communications. Meticulously configured for each unique environment, MetroSwitch answers the demand for a better form of connectivity.

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MSaaS℠ - MetroSwitch as a Service

With MSaaS it has never been easier to take advantage of the most advanced routing and management system. MSaaS does not require any modification to existing architecture or contracts. With a fully redundant and secure connection you will enjoy all the benefits of MetroSwitch’s advanced, patented technology including significant improvements to call quality, reliability, security and reporting coupled with substantial savings.

Think of MetroSwitch as a unique technological advancement that empowers every part of your current communications network. MSaaS is a simple way to quickly take advantage of all the benefits of MetroSwitch without on-site equipment.

Conference Call System
Conference Call System

Conferencing - taken to a new level

MetroSwitch Enterprise and MSaaS come pre-loaded with a state-of-the-art conferencing portal. Once you have MetroSwitch, all the conferencing features and services you need are as easy to access as the click of a button. And, the good news, MetroSwitch Conferencing costs a fraction of comparable systems without sacrificing functionality. The savings do not stop there, expenses are substantially lower when using MetroSwitch.

MetroSwitch makes it all possible with a robust collection of features and a user-friendly interface.

MetroSwitch Gateway Service - multiple carriers, seamless connections

The MetroSwitch Gateway Service enables uninterrupted connections to multiple carriers through one dedicated, private SIP trunk. Experience the immediate benefits of multi-connection routing without having to negotiate lengthy contracts.

MetroSwitch Gateway Service benefits include:
• Redundancy - Prevent unnecessary and costly downtime associated with provider outages.
• Highest Quality Connections - For organizations requiring exceptional call quality and interruption-free service.
• Cost Optimization - Take advantage of the most cost-efficient options and receive significant savings.

TDM Conversion - connectivity made simple

Has your carrier told you it will soon no longer support your TDM environment? Are they requiring that you convert to SIP trunking? If you are concerned about the cost, time and burden this will place on your resources, MetroSwitch can help.

MetroSwitch provides complete TDM to SIP conversion without the expense of upgrading your infrastructure. MetroSwitch’s turnkey solution allows you to delay or eliminate costly software updates and hardware replacements commonly required when upgrading to a SIP environment. MetroSwitch allows you to take advantage of advanced connectivity without additional, unnecessary expense.

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Accurate Telecom
Bill Reconciliation

BillClear℠ - simple and clear analysis tools

Telecom bills are often difficult to interpret and hard to understand. Many companies turn to third party consultants to audit their telecom bills in order to find errors and ensure accuracy. If you are looking for a more efficient, cost effective way to reconcile your telecom bills, then you need BillClear - MetroSwitch’s revolutionary bill check software - which will quickly and accurately review and reconcile your telecom bills. Whether it is a day, a month, a quarter or a year, BillClear will provide an accurate accounting of your telecom usage and spend.