Simple and Risk Free

Fast installation, seamless integration, ultimate performance.

How can something so powerful be so simple?

Answering the call for better connectivity, MetroSwitch created a superior solution built on two basic principles: empowerment and simplicity. Understanding the needs of enterprises and call centers, we meticulously engineered a unique, non-intrusive platform which seamlessly integrates into most infrastructures, bypassing the traditional “rip and replace” standard. Installed in under 90 minutes, MetroSwitch is a non-disruptive, transparent augmentation, unlocking unlimited functionality and power. Requiring minimal intervention, MetroSwitch delivers unparalleled functionality and empowerment. Additionally, administrators are granted complete control with the ability to create detailed security parameters and view customized reports generated by our carrier grade analytics engine. Network monitoring and live reporting has never been so easy.

Quick Installation
Quick Installation

Quick Installation

Installation by one of our certified MetroSwitch technicians is typically completed in 90 minutes or less. Deployed in pairs for complete redundancy, each MetroSwitch occupies one rack unit and is fully functional in minutes.

Designed as an intuitive, user-friendly appliance, installation can also be performed by one of your own internal IT professionals with additional support available as needed. Whether you are looking for a full-service solution or would like to take total control, MetroSwitch offers a platform ideal for your individual requirements.

“I can’t believe how fast and easy the MetroSwitch system installed and implemented (on the first day) … and it worked! …”
- Telecommunication Analyst,
Fortune 500 company

Transparent Implementation

Working alongside your existing hardware, MetroSwitch complements and empowers your infrastructure, unlocking the benefits of a multi-connection environment. As a non-intrusive augment, MetroSwitch does not disrupt your architecture in any way. If the MetroSwitch is disabled or removed, operations will immediately revert back to your pre-installation configuration, providing a risk-free solution and complete peace of mind.

Zero Risk, Zero Downtime

Risk Free

To ensure the highest level of performance and dependability, MetroSwitch hosts multiple levels of redundancy to protect the integrity of your communications network. Serving as a non-intrusive complement to your existing network, we have effectively removed all reservations that commonly accompany the idea of change.

Carrier outages are inevitable, downtime is not. Eliminate the risk of unnecessary downtime today with a MetroSwitch enhanced network. With such significant benefits and no associated risk, the choice is quite simple.

Zero Risk, Zero Downtime

Why wouldn’t you?

With such powerful enhancements and dramatic cost savings, the most common response we receive is “Why wouldn’t an organization want to try MetroSwitch?” We could not agree more, which is why we offer a non-conditional opportunity to experience telecom the way it should be. Schedule a demo today with a MetroSwitch specialist to learn more about a plan designed specifically for your environment. With nothing to lose, and so much to gain, it’s time to protect your network and enhance your infrastructure with the power of MetroSwitch.

Eliminate unnecessary downtime, receive substantial savings and enjoy an experience like no other. MetroSwitch just makes sense.