Disaster Avoidance

A Step Beyond Prevention

MetroSwitch Shield 160

Active protection for your communications network.

On average, businesses suffer from 14 hours of system downtime per year at an estimated cost of $5,600 per minute, or well over $300K per hour.¹ Downtime becomes even more significant when telecommunications services are affected. The moment connectivity is lost, productivity comes to a halt impairing external communications, customer service centers, supply chains and revenue streams. Additionally, downtime frustrates clients, upsets prospects and generates negative public relations.

Providers periodically experience outages due to unforeseen factors such as severe weather, aging infrastructures² and software issues which can cause downtime for their customers. This costly downtime has left many companies in search of a solution which will provide them a new form of resiliency. Enter MetroSwitch, a superior connectivity solution which replaces this vulnerability with state-of-the-art technology to protect the integrity of network communications. Fortune 500 companies and call centers alike are turning to MetroSwitch to reap the benefits of a multi-connection environment, ensuring the highest quality connections and unsurpassed uptime. MetroSwitch’s proprietary, patented technology answers the demand for a better form of connectivity.

No Downtime from Carrier Outages

Outages are inevitable; downtime however is a choice.

The integrity of your organization’s connectivity is paramount. MetroSwitch guards your network from unforeseen events so you can focus on success.

No Downtime from Carrier Outages

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Outage related downtime can cause businesses to lose an average of $5,000 per minute.


Level 3 Outage


A major carrier experiences a serious national outage resulting from a technician’s error.


Carrier Outage

Carrier Performance

Find out how your carrier is performing with real-time reports from downdetector.com.


MetroSwitch unlocks the power of all carriers creating unparalleled telecom resiliency.